What can a mediator do for me?

Why choose mediation?  

A collaborative approach: Mediation promotes open communication and collaboration, allowing all parties involved to have a voice in the resolution process. Our skilled mediators create a safe and neutral environment to foster productive discussions.

Cost-effective and time-efficient: Compared to costly and lengthy legal proceedings, mediation offers a cost-effective alternative. Our streamlined process saves time while providing effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Preserves relationships: Mediation focuses on finding common ground and mutually acceptable solutions, preserving relationships and minimizing potential damage that can arise from adversarial approaches.

Confidential and private: Confidentiality is a core principle of mediation. Your discussions and any related information shared during the process remain strictly confidential, providing a secure space for open dialogue.

Mediation Process: parties can mediate before filing a lawsuit or after filing a lawsuit.

  • Mediator is an independent, neutral third party.
  • Mediator helps parties come to a decision that they agree on.
  • Mediation focuses on identifying and negotiating issues.
  • Parties have complete control over the agreement and decisions.
  • The mediator actively encourages the negotiations.
  • Mediation aims to resolve the dispute out of court.

 Goals of Georgia Divorce Mediation?

Significantly reduce the time and money associated with a Georgia divorce. Georgia Divorce Mediation helps focus your efforts on providing vital information, so you have the option to file an uncontested divorce.

Issues that you and your spouse can’t agree on? We’ll schedule a convenient time for mediation and pursue the resolution of all outstanding issues.

Reduce lawyer and/or mediator time by 90%;

  • Gives YOU the ability to enter personal information ONE TIME;
  • Generate court forms from your information that you can modify as you see fit; and
  • Be a good steward of your time and money.

Our mediation services cover a wide range of conflicts, including:

  • Georgia Divorce Mediation
  • Business disagreements
  • Real Estate disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Workplace disputes

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